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Current and Past Projects 


Arsen: Audio Drama 

Role: Creator/ Producer/ Writer/ Aurelie 

Arsen is a magical audio drama experience that follows the journey of Aurelie Faye Sharp after the death of her parents as she finds out the truth about family, her history, and her identity. 

Novitero Podcast 

Role: Lutiga, Social Media Manager (September 2019- June 2020) 

Novitero is a Science Fiction Podcast that follows a band of space pirates and a totally untrustworthy princess as they deal with the consequences of their mistakes, and the consequences of who they trust. 

Crown Jewels Audio Drama

Role: Elena 

Crown Jewels is a situational adult comedy that's more situational than adult or comedy.


Lore Olympus Motion Comic Dub

Role: Hecate

A motion comic dub based on the hit WebToon Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe.


Oh Wayward Nights

Role: Hannah

A small town, an unusual secret. 5 best friends discover the world is bigger than they believed.


Voice Wars 2020

Role: Contestant (3rd place)

A virtual voice acting competition featuring 8 contestants from all across the globe.


Witches of the City:

Audio Drama 

Role: Annabel Lennox 

Witches of the City is a fantasy mystery podcast about the intersection of witches and corrupt government corporations. 


Two Gentlemen Of Verona: Audio Drama 

Role: Julia 

A new and inventive audio drama performance of one of William Shakespeares classic plays. 


Hero's Guide: Audio Drama 

Role: Iris 

Hero's Guide explores what it takes to be a hero and how to understand the power within yourself.


The Hudsons:

A J Dyer Production 

Role: Various 

The Hudsons is a British Audio Drama series that follows the lives of married couple, Helen and Harry, as they embark of the adventure that is everyday life.